How A Custom Driveline Helps Keep A Slip Yoke From Wearing Out On A Dirt Road

30 October 2017
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Living on a dirt road means you're going to be driving over rough and sometimes bumpy roads. These driving conditions often contribute to the wear and tear of the slip yoke. This problem can be addressed by installing a high-quality custom driveline. The Nature Of The Slip Yoke Few drivers take the time to understand the nature of the slip yoke. However, it is one of the most important parts of your driveline. Read More 

Moving Around To Different Cities: Top 3 Classic Car Storage Tips For The Nomad Lifestyle

26 June 2017
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It seems that everyday something changes; one day you live in Denver and the next week you are moving to New York. The moving may be because of a professional career or other changes in your life, but there are still some things you care about, such as that classic car in the garage back home. When your car no longer has a home, it will need storage. Before you park your classic, here are some tips to ensure it's safely packed away while you travel: Read More 

How To Avoid Buying A Flood-Damaged Car And Why This Is So Important

28 January 2016
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When you shop for a used car to buy, you should take your time to examine any vehicle you are considering buying. You should also test drive the car before you agree to buy it, and you may want to take the right steps to find out if the car had ever had flood damage occur to it. While you might get a good deal on a car that had flood damage, you should understand what you are getting into if you buy a car like this. Read More 

What Are The Best Ways To Bring Your Motorcycle On A Cross-Country Road Trip?

22 October 2015
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If you're planning the cross-country road trip of a lifetime, you may view your motorcycle as just as much of a necessity as clean clothes or toiletries. Indeed, being on a motorcycle can allow you to immerse yourself in your surroundings much more effectively than sitting behind the wheel of a truck or camper, safely encased in metal and glass. However, traveling thousands of miles on a motorcycle can quickly lose its appeal after you become caught in inclement weather or find yourself navigating through loose gravel or other substandard highway conditions. Read More 

Mack Trucks For Sale: 3 Accessories That Make Long Haul Drives More Comfortable

9 September 2015
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The trucking industry fuels the U.S. economy, and Mack truck drivers are constantly putting in long hours to get their cargo from one destination to another. Legally, Mack truck drivers can only drive up to 70 hours in a 8 day period and a maximum of 14 hours a day before taking a 10 hour break. If you're a Mack truck driver, chances are you spend a lot of time driving. As a result, it's important to purchase a Mack truck that will be comfortable for long haul drives. Read More